Yellow Square

Actually this is Bostancı square…Morning traffic… You can see many cars in there… It is oto-park… The square is near to the sea-bus port… People leave their cars in this oto-park and then goes by the sea-bus to the other side of the city.

Traffic in this city is crazy!!!!! crazy… But do you know how many cars being involved to the daily traffic in a day? 300 – 400 new cars are being on the traffic… You can imagine how crazy!





When I saw this dog at first time, he was sleeping  on the road… It’s been for a few days ago. Yesterday I saw him again in the same place. I mean on the road… Should be crazy. But then I learned his story. His owner leaves him out side… and this amazing dog just sits and sleeps and waits (for his owner) near to his owner’s car!!!!!! How touched my heart and how I wanted to yell at his owner… I couldn’t go on to walk… watched there with tears. By the way there was a television series movie team in the street… Filming… The dog stood up and walked around this movie team… Then came back to the same place of his owner’s car…


I don’t understand people… how strange, I can understand cats, dogs… If you can’t care a dog or cat why you have them… why? They are like a child you own…