Conversation (Attention to my dear Angel Blogger)

My Dear Angel Blogger friend, Suzanne


- Nia, every morning when I go to the work, I see them on this road… They are so lovely.

- I want to see them too!

- But they come early in the morning… You can’t see them now.

- Why don’t they come to around our village home?

- Probably they are happy in this grove, and they can find food too…

- But I have an idea!

- What?

- I can make a peanut road till to our house from there!

- Whattttttttt?

- Yes, leaving a peanut tracks so they can follow peanuts and come to our home garden! I can feed them everyday with peanuts as my angel friend :)

- You should be crazy!

- There are hedgehogs, turtles, cats, sheep, cows, birds around our home but how I wished to have squirrels too!!!!!

- Oh my Love!

- Yes, what can I make for this?

(by the way the distance between the place where squirrels live is about one kilometer)

the end