My Beautiful Gift

Me : What s your name?

T : Tayga (Taiga) *

Me : What does it mean, do you know?

T : Yes, it means big pine forest…

Me : So beauiful, I haven’t heard it before…

T : and yours?

Me : My name is Rengin!

T : What means Rengin?

Me : It means colourful… have you heard it before?

T : No, but I have something for you, wait for me here, I will bring it to you!

* Tayga (taiga) the coniferous evergreen forests of subarctic lands, covering vast areas of the mountains. 1885-90; < Russian taĭgá < one or more Turkic languages of the AltaiMountain region; compare Altai, Shor tayγa forest-covered mountain

A lovely boy, we have met in their garden party. This weekend there was a beautiful garden party in another village near to ours. The nature was amazing but the owners of this garden party fascinated me much more. They educated so nicely their children… And the mother is in love with village life and she hates cities, as me… They live in the village. When we talked about city and city people, she told me something that was the same for me too but I had never put it into the words, people in the city don’t smile and they don’t seem happy… when you are going to shop, cafe, etc. there is always people who don’t have a smiling face. And she doesn’t want her children to be like them… And she proudly says, she is a villager… I admired this young mother,

Tayga appeared, he was running down the hill excitedly…

T : This is a gift to you, :)

Me : What a beautiful gift, no one gave me something like that before, Thank you, can I hug and kiss you ?

I will never forget you Tayga, Good Luck in your life and never change…

Blessing and Happiness to them all. It was a wonderful garden party, (a little note, Mr. Can stopped because I forgot to feed him :) I took some photographs but not so many… I missed all the beautiful moments of the party. I will post them later.)

My Amazing and so Precious GIFT

Rengin means Colourful… My little friend drew and coloured them… It is a small book he did.