Robin…Robins… and Me, Crazy Me!

….. Robin…. Robins… they are waiting for them. The weather changes and being colder everyday… These currants will be finished at the end. What will you eat then, Robin ?

Last night, something woke me up  and when I listened to the night I heard the birs… like a song… I stayed awake till they all gone… Can you imagine, in the darkness of the night, in the deep silence of the night, they were singing… like a dream. Maybe I was in a dream…

Robin, and robins are around me I know, sometimes my eyes catch them, ah yes, as yesterday :) I was on the phone, we were talking with my love and then I saw robin over there under a leaf and I was crazy… but he is so sensetive and flew away when I moved for taking my camera :) My love ? on the phone… he almost understood why I forgot him on the phone:) Anyway, welcome robin, it is happiness to know you are there and here… You are everything in my philosophical thoughts about life.