Feeding My Soul

You can see the gypsy florists in every corner of the Baghdad Street. The weather doesn’t matter for them. In the past I bought flowers everyday. But now, because of my naughty Princess I can’t buy any of them. At least, I take their photographs :) Florists know me now… and sometimes they call me, “Hey, Madame here are the new flowers, you can take their pictures!”




Lavander Bags


The New Year’s flowers and Lavander bags…

During these days, months you can see these NY’s flowers… It is an old traditional flower coming from Greek culture. And it is not easy to prepare them. In Greek they call it “Kokina (kokkina)” means “red”… or in English it is ”  Butcher’s Broom or  Ruscus Aculeatus”… They pick the berries and then they bind to the branches with green leaves…. There is a legend about them. When you buy them, it is said that if they still same at the end of the year, you will buy a house,…. By the way its English name story is interesting too, butchers were cleaning the place with them…