11- Welcome to Hotel Montania

Montania, Special Class Hotel…

Before sharing with you this beautiful hotel, I should talk about history of this building.  

The Chemin de Fer Moudania Brousse (Mudanya Bursa Railway), was a 41 kilometer long railway from the port of Mudanya to Bursa. On August 14, 1871, the Ottoman Goverment started to build a line from the port of Mudanya to the inland city of Bursa. During construction, the line was sold to two French investors in 1874. The railway reached Bursa and was finished in 1875.

The train station in Mudanya was built in 1849 by French architects.  

Today this historical building is a wonderful hotel.  The building has been renovated.

When my husband told me that we were going to a historical place, it was so exciting for me. And we were lucky because the weather was clear, and the sun was with us all weekend. But yes, it was cold.

At the end we arrived this lovely town and amazing hotel. It was a seaside resort Hotel… And I loved the building…   








13 thoughts on “11- Welcome to Hotel Montania

    • He is my love, my everything… He is working very hard but he thinks of me always and he finds interesting places for me. You are so nice too dear Cecilia, I will tell your beautiful message to him. Thank you so much. With my love, nia


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