32- Mudanya (Old Houses)

Old houses fascinated me once again… But most of them waiting for a new owner who will make them alive again… I have dreams, so many dreams but I am not a rich one and I don’t have a real angel wings too :)

1) Small but high… Like a tower… and yes I loved the edges like a lace…



A Wall

Just a wall

remained from the stories

into the faded colours

of memories…

No one knows

a mystery of

a wall….



Desolated  Windows

Greetings to the blue sky

in the corner of

narrow streets…


only they know

the silence of

blue windows…  


In The Corner

Coming face to face

what time and human world




Two neighbours

who share

the same



Master of  Wood

Once upon a time

writing a poem

on wood

with their




The line

between yesterday and



White Curtains

I can smell the little lavender sacks

in the old wooden drawers

between the clothes

a lovely wind from the window

calling me

in this living



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12 thoughts on “32- Mudanya (Old Houses)

  1. Love these images, Nia. It makes me sad, to see a house falling down next to one kept up. I just want to take it under my wing and make it better again. :)

    Great words and photos, Nia! Great job!

  2. Yes, looking at old and run down houses can spark memories and imagination both… peoples lives are woven into their homes and possessions, and these remain as ghosts of the olden days, between the boards fading in the weather…

  3. Littleskew says:

    Lovely images Nia, looks like the house had a good life, sad that it is just left to rot though. I bet it holds some wonderful memories

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