This is the most beautiful one that I have ever seen…

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      • Dear Eric, seems that your blog is for all mural arts… I will visit them all soon. You have so many pages, I noticed. Are they all from France? I don’t know French language so I ask… I am so glad to meet you and your blog, fascinated me all what I have seen tonight… Thank you so much, love, nia

      • From Belgium, dear nia …
        Yes all kind of “street art” from political ones to very artistic others.
        All pictures were taken during an “atelier d’expression photographique” (don’t know how to explain it in english now) … and all are from Louvain-La-Neuve exclusively (It’s an university city in the french-speaking part of Belgium)

      • This is so nice, I mean street art. In my country it is very new and not so many artists for now… Your blog is amazing. And also your avatar image too. Thank you dear Eric, nice to meet you once again… Greetings and Love from Istanbul to Belgium, nia

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