Sunrise In The Village

…Last night we moved to the city. Yes, with our cat too. She meowed all the way to home. She grumbled… She didn’t want to leave the village home and also she doesn’t like to travel by car… It was a dark and rainy night. Sometimes, the visibility distance wasn’t good because of the mist with the rain… With the blinking foglights we were on the road…

The home in the city, actually not ready yet. Yes. But we wanted to move. For us it is not a problem… but our cat? The smell changed. All walls have been painted. And the carpet in the rooms almost have been removed and instead of carpet we have hardwood flooring now. Our Princess refused to get in :) She was shocked, it wasn’t her home, everything changed. But her bed baskets, and her toys, torn boxes, food  place, etc. everything still was there… She refused to eat. She went to hide under the couch… She is like a child. Our Princess she is not innovator :) How I admire innovative minds :) This morning, in the new home mess, she wandered from one room to another one… Exactly she didn’t like our new home decoration. But there is nothing to do, she has to get to used…

These photographs, from the village… early morning, while the sun was rising…







Good Morning World, My Word Press Friends

How am I, this morning? Tired. Sad. Hopeless. Depressed. Unhappy. Insecure. Everything seems so negative for me this morning despite the clear blue sky with the sun. But I am not the only one like this, so many people are same as me… I wonder, this another election, will it bring peace to us? We are all being focus on this day, first of November! There are so many speculations in here… But they are just speculations… Most of the Turkish Media have been stopped. We don’t know what’s going on… But one day, history will say us all these days… On this earth, kindness and malice have never been forgotten… I am right now, a ghost in this history! A voice, a soul, a scream, as a ghost… But no one can  hides the SUN… Justice will rise as a sun… I do believe this. I want to believe this. I want. I do want.

By the way I should say this, I can’t find an energy for to post anything… My files are full of some new photographs but I can’t do anything… as I mentioned at the beginning, I am tired, sad and unhappy… I want myself, Nia again… But how. I don’t know. Everything seems to me so nonsense now… Why. Why. This is best question in these days… Why. But not any answer… Or yes, there are million answers but you are afraid to pronounce them… Answers are being locked in your mind and also in your heart. Orhan Pamuk talked a few days ago, “Sometimes I don’t know how to shut my mouth”…

Another point, I have visited your blogs this morning. You all know who you are that I visited. But, my “Like” button doesn’t work. I make like but then it doesn’t seem and I repeat it again. I can see what I did. It shows that nia liked but then after open the page, I can see that I didn’t make… I made several times like… really several times… but none of them seems… Sorry for this.

Thank you for your nice words, thoughts by your mails who reached me and also with your comments on my blog. It is so nice to know that you are with me, with your thoughts and hearts.

Love, nia

Our Wild Cat


She is shy and wild cat… She comes at our door and asks food. Then she hides, waits for her food but she waits this time for us, we should leave there… Then she eats…


When she finishes her food, she looks at us, it is her way of Thanks :)