So exciting, so enjoyable to watch the world through the camera…


Last night, from the same window I tried to take pictures of the moon. But this time, the sky was misty and I just took this view with two moon :) in reflections on the window glass… The real moon is behind the golden ball :)


Creative Writing – Ember Moon (a story for children)

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I hope one day this ends up a book…All suggestions gratefully accepted.

I am a writer of stories, my head is filled with characters; my inner eyes see their adventure. My fingers itch above the keyboard. A story is coming. A story about Ember Moon, Koray, Oscar, and Andre.

Written and Illustrated by randomrose ©


Oscar always ran his fingers along the spines of the huge reference books. He loved the feel of all the bindings, the felted ones stitched in beautiful threads and the ancient ones with their raised engravings made his fingers tingle. There were ones with coloured gems all the way down the spine and he especially like the furry ones in the animal section.
On an afternoon some time ago, he began at the A’s running his fingers along the spines right through to the J’s where he had…

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The Moon (14th April, 2014)

First of all I tried to take pictures in outside, but it wasn’t good because of the clarity… The weather wasn’t clear so, I came back home and I tried to take pictures behind the window… and yes, it was better! I think glass of window helped me to take clear shot… :) But of course I wished to watch and to take pictures of Blood Moon :)


I Don’t Believe She Was An Intruder

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Do you watch/follow Oscar Pistorius Trial on CNN?  Pistorius Trial Blog CNN

I watch and follow….

Nel is so clever and going well in details and questionings…

Do you think that Reeva was killed by accidently?

No, I can’t say this, my heart and my mind can’t say this… the truth is in details… and Nel will find it at the end…

If Pistorius killed her accidently, again he should be guitly!!!!

Gun shouldn’t be given to everyone… To use a gun has a rule… and we can see in all news in todays world, how people kill each other!!!!!

Actually gun should be banned…

I couldn’t stay far from this tragic story and wanted to share with you too.

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