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Like A Pomegranate Blossom

IMG_3555rx…. many years ago, in a cold winter day, I entered the classroom, it was morning English language lesson. One of my friends smiled and said to me, “Nia, what a colour in the mid winter, red like a  pomegranate blossom :)”. I was a young girl and I was shy. Actually it was a new skirt and wool fabric… had a black leather belt, black sweater and black boots… Actually it was so beautiful, but until that day, I didn’t know what colour it was… I call it red… :) I don’t know but when this student said that” like a pomegranate blossom”, I was so shy… and I didn’t wear it again…. Stupid me :)

Whenever I see a pomegranate blossom, I remember this… :)