I am not a storyteller BUT

My Love says that how all these stories found me… Actually nothing finds me… It is just to have a camera and to watch the around with this camera… So when you start to watch the around of yourself,  you see more what’s going on…

Another story about Magpie… I really don’t know what happened to this Magpie… One of his eyes seemed to me strange… Is it possible a pecking, attack by another bird…? But anyway, here are the photographs… maybe I am thinking wrong..

…She was an amazing person, helped all animals… Took them in her home when she found a cat outside under the rain… I remember, there was a lovely cat. Living in and outside of the home… There was a stainless steel insect mesh at the kitchen door that was opening to the garden. One day how happened I don’t know but the cat run fast through the mesh… And I noticed the blood on his neck and I screamed. She caught the cat and she cured the cat as a vet… Because she was loving the cats and also the other animals too… why I remembered this story now I don’t know, but something hit my heart that day when I saw the magpie with his injured eye… She is not here… and she never loved me… it is a big contrast for all my life… never understood… and I looked at myself… what can I do for this magpie… nothing… he flew away after these photographs… and never saw him again… but added another story to me…


The  storyteller’s world should be immersed in the imaginary world. Stories between truth and imaginary… but my imaginary stops here… because I don’t know much about the birds and their events… what happened to this magpie… I really don’t know.