Planting Trees


This is out of town… But It is not easy to say where is out of town now. Because the city has been growing/expanding in all sides… Villages are being small towns and at the end they have municipality. In the past, many years ago, there were planted fields, out of town… it was countryside. At the beginning the invasion of city started with the factories, and industrial areas that had been all established out of the town. Today there is not a conception for out of town, for me. Maybe in theory, but not in reality. 



There is an old saying in this city, Istanbul, “Istanbul’un taşı, toprağı altın”, means the soil and stones of Istanbul are gold… It means you never be poor in this city, there is a lot of work, that you can earn money… Istanbul feeds everyone in many ways…

So…. Istanbul is never ending for new projects… And I can’t believe there is still empty places, fields,…. Can you imagine how many people get work and earn money from only this construction projects…

…. no one wants to see the other side of the moon, of course!