Vet Appointment

I am nervous and so worried, because tomorrow we have an appointment (urgent) with our Vet. Our cat, My Princess, she has something under her skin (mammary gland, cyst) I don’t know whatever it is. But we are going to check by vet and he will say to us. I pray to be fine, to be a good one! Our last cat died because of cancer, and it was so sad. so hard days… I hope and wish and pray not same story again.


I hate politics and politicians… BUT I support who wants democracy; who keeps the human values, and rights; who respects and protect Ataturk’s memory and his principles and ideals; who believes in the importance of the moral values; who carries the secularism; who supports the freedom of thought;….

I hate all kind of religious matters, discussions, fighting,…etc. BUT I do believe, religion is a way between God and us. It is not our business who is who…

I wasn’t a clever one, but I was a good student. And I love reading. I can say, I read all world classic books and philosophy and all religions. Especially the hard books of philosophy! But in my older shoes, after a long up and down years of this geography, I can’t say I can understand human… If I read hundreds  of Tolstoy, hundreds of Sartre, hundreds of Kant, hundreds of Aristotle, Hundreds of Hegel, Hundreds of Rumi, Hundreds of …., I can’t understand human world… and the war between human and human… But yes, if we talk about the mental health of human, it is clear to understand… But why all these problematic people take place in all events? How do they kill others… How do they damage humanity, how do they make them?…  Who wants to control the world and humanity?

Maybe it is not easy to understand but we all know, someones wanted to create a civil war in my country! But they saw that it wouldn’t be easy. Now, with all different minds, thoughts, religions, we support and protect our country. Democracy and democratic thoughts  shining again. I don’ want to lose my hope… The power of “One For All” is the important approach now.

Days don’t seem to be easy… But with these thoughts and approaches everything can be achieved.




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