My Heart, My Mind…

“Danger has not passed yet!”

The ministers, and authorities, and also our President say this. But our Military, security forces,  and police officers took control of the whole country now.

Life is normal now, and still people wait for our democracy at the important points, squares in the cities with the flags of our country. So many people from different religions, and from different culture and thoughts, they come together every night at these important places…

History in the future will talk about all these days that we live now… The reaction of the people is the first time, happening like that. Why? Because we don’t want, coup! We don’t want any damage to our democracy and to our country. It was really amazing and unforgettable reaction of the people.

When our President learned the coup attempt (as you heard on TV interviews, he learned from one of his relative. He decided to make a speech to the public, and they did, but it ook time to upload and to give it to the TV channels, but a journalist from CNN Turkey, she offeered her cell phone, and our President make a call to the people from social media, this is not a real coup, don’t stay indoors, and go to the streets, squares!” It was critique and so important speech and call. People listened to him and went to the streets and squares. They stood against the coup and their so-called soldiers…Because they can’t be our honourable soldiers… People didn’t let them to fight with the police, real soldiers at the streets… Otherwise it would be a civil war… There were two points of the coup, to start a civil war, to kill the president, and to take control of the goverment and the country. None of them didn’t happened because of the people and the call of our President in the right time…. If people would have obeyed the coup, till to the next day, everything would be taken control by them. And it would be too late for everything…

Can you imagine, people with their cars, trucks, tried to block the roads against the tanks… Can you imagine, farmers burned their fields around the airport to make a smoke for the planes… Can you imagine, people stood in front of a tank… and the coup drove the tanks over them… so many people died and so many people injured…

There are now so many police custodies and also so many detentions… Never seen before like that… Everything will be searched now… The traitors will be punished by the  judicial authorities and law.

But as I said at the beginning of my words, danger hasn’t passed yet. I pray for a peaceful days, not only in my country, in all other countries of the world. There are somethings I hate, I hate, politics, money, weapons,… these are strangely standing in my mind. Like a Bermuda triangle of evil!

God be with us, God be with us to find the way of peace…

Rest in peace to all people who died on this way…







Buddleja alternifolia – Buddleia Butterfly Bush

A large and graceful form of buddleja, introduced from China in 1915. The arching branches and narrow, dark green leaves are wreathed in delicately fragranced,lilac flowers throughout June.

The Butterfly Effect blossoming buddleia

White and lilac colours of Buddleia Butterfly bushes, are the most beautiful plants in our garden. Because I can see the butterflies too. When I watched them, I noticed three type of butterflies,











Another Friday Night and…

I really don’t know what to say… My heart with all these people in Munich…

What’s going to the world… Why can’t we live in peace…

The human world of 21. century is not like that… shouldn’t be like that?

What is the wrong?

Where did we make a mistake?

I pray. I hope and wish my German blogger friends are fine and in safe…

And also I pray police as soon as catch them.



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