Crowded Cosmetics


4 thoughts on “Crowded Cosmetics

    1. Dear Nelson, you can too🙂 I have just visited your blog, and you are doing great. What kind of camera you use, it is not important (I know what I am saying, some people may not like this but) the main part of who is there, behind the camera! With your own eyes you will see, recognize or notice, then you will talk with your camera. Don’t think like that, you can make, take many pictures, many. Your experience and others’ works and life we run in, will bring many things to our photographical world. Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia


      1. What I like about your photos style Nia is that you see small objects of everyday life and the way you capture those and make beautiful photos. Me on the contrary, it’s just when I walking on the sidewalk or driving my car and see much larger objects that I say to myself “This would make a good photo”
        For example if I had been standing in front of a shelf with cosmetics on it, I would still see a shelf with cosmetics on it, but you did see a photo and made a beautiful one.
        Maybe one day I will get and see photos in smaller objects of everyday life like you do.
        Have a nice day


        1. ….🙂 what can I say dear Nelson, this is a little bit my craziness…. but wasn’t like that at the beginning, I think in time, when I started to live with my camera, I can see everything like that🙂 I mean through my camera… I know this very well, because without my camera I feel so bad, and also feel something is missing… Thanks and Love, nia


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